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23.95 Euros

Interactive PDF, 96 pages. 

“French guitar virtuoso Thomas Viloteau's e-book In The Black Box provides invaluable insight to his technical and musical philosophies. He addresses all technical issues ranging from right-hand stability and nails to left-hand ornaments and preparation. He then illustrates the application of these technical principles in learning a piece, teaching yourself, and preparing for competitions and concerts. For all serious students and for those who simply wrestle with their guitars day in and day out, there is no reason to not own this. Read it and improve!” 


- Leo Garcia, Six String Journal

"The very gifted Thomas Viloteau has shared some of his at times original approach to learning and improving classical guitar playing in his booklet “In the black box”. I found it a refreshing and inspiring read."

-Michaël Samyn (read the review here)

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