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Thomas Viloteau

French guitar phenomenon Dr. Thomas Viloteau is widely considered one of the most gifted classical guitarists today. His first concert was in his home country of France only a year after he began playing, in front of an audience of 200 people. Since that concert, Thomas has played in some of the best venues throughout the United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, Taiwan and Puerto Rico.


Born into a family of fine arts enthusiasts, Dr. Viloteau took his first lesson at the age of twelve. Eight years later he won first prize at the Guitar Foundation of America Competition and subsequently spent a year concertizing in the United States. Other first prizes include the Francisco Tárrega competition in Spain, Mottola competition in Italy, Sernancelhe competition in Portugal, Ville d’Antony competition in France, and Segovia competition in Spain. Dr. Viloteau is the only guitarist to ever win the Arthur Foote Award from the Harvard Musical Association.


His book on guitar technique, ‘In the Black Box, Technique(s) of the Classical Guitar,’ has sold more than a thousand copies worldwide. He has been the Artist-in-Residence at the radio show Performance Today, broadcasting his playing performances to more than a million people across the USA. Dr. Viloteau has released recordings with Naxos, MelBay and La Ma de Guido. His two latest albums, ‘Dances Through the Centuries’ and ‘A Song and Dance’ released on Tigado, contain world premiere recordings of the Suite Brasileira 3, which was commissioned and dedicated to Dr. Thomas Viloteau, and of the Suite Brasileira 4, both by Sergio Assad.


Dr. Viloteau has lived in Barcelona, Paris, San Francisco, London, Arizona, Montréal and Rochester, NY. In 2019, he joined the guitar faculty at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

In Short



  • Greg Smallman, Bastien Burlot, Mark Usherovich.



  • Savarez (Alliances 500 ARJ, Bronze Phosphore 11-52)


  • ‘Guitar recital’ – Naxos 2007

  • Thomas Viloteau, GFA winner – Mel Bay DVD 2012

  • Romantic – La ma de Guido 2014

  • Dances through the centuries – Tigado 2015

  • A song and dance – Tigado 2016



  • In the Black Box, Technique(s) of the Classical Guitar


  • 1st prize Salou 2000

  • 1st prize Segovia, Linares 2005

  • 1st prize Antony 2005

  • 1st prize Mottola 2006

  • 1st prize Guitar Foundation of America 2006

  • 1st prize Sernancelhe 2010

  • 1st prize Francisco Tarrega 2012

  • Northern Trust/Piper Enrichment Award, 2013

  • Arthur Foote Award 2016


  • Georges Mejean, 1997/98, France

  • Maite Rubio, 1998/99, Escola Juan Pedro Carrero, Barcelone

  • Joan Furio, 2000, Conservatorio Municipal, Barcelone

  • Alvaro Pierri, 1998/2000, Escola Juan Pedro Carrero, Barcelone

  • Alberto Ponce, 2000/03, École Normale, Paris

  • Roland Dyens, 2003-06, CNSM, Paris

  • Judicael Perroy, 2002-06, Paris

  • Marc Teicholz, 2008/09, SFCM, San Francisco

  • Tom Patterson, 2012, U of A, Tucson

  • Bruno Perron, 2013, U de M, Montréal

  • Nicholas Goluses, 2014-17, Eastman School of Music, Rochester

  • Paul O’Dette, 2014-17, Eastman School of Music, Rochester



  • Diplôme Supérieur de Concertiste, 2003, École Normale

  • Diplôme de Formation Supérieur, 2006, Conservatoire Supérieur de Musique de Paris

  • Professional Studies Diploma, 2009, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

  • Master, 2012, University of Arizona

  • Doctorat, 2017, Eastman School of Music




  • Minouche et Tiga

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